Exploring Brake System Components and Accessories

Exploring Brake System Components and Accessories

Important Factors For A Truck Bed Extender

by Harold Gilbert

The bed of a pickup truck is designed to allow you to carry a number of different things. While you'll likely have no trouble fitting lots of things in this part of your vehicle, you'll occasionally have a need to carry something that is longer than the truck bed. Instead of looking for a shortcut that may be unsafe, it's ideal to equip your vehicle with a truck bed extender. You can find all sorts of these devices at any truck accessories retailer, and they come in several different styles. A popular design mounts to your rear hitch, which allows you to connect and remove it quickly and easily. Here are some important factors for a truck bed extender.


Even though a hitch-mounted truck bed extender is easy to remove, it's handy if you choose a product that folds up. Being able to swing the extender into a vertical position when you aren't actively using it will save you from having to remove and store it. For example, if you use it to carry some lumber home from a local lumber store, and you need to make a return visit for another load, you can fold it into the upright position before you drive back to the store.

High Visibility

It's important for your truck bed extender to be visible, as this will decrease the likelihood that a motorist behind you underestimates the distance between their vehicle and your vehicle and hits you from behind. You'll find truck bed extenders in different colors. While many are black, some have fluorescent components that make them a lot more evident to other drivers. If you don't like the idea of a fluorescent color, look for a truck bed extender that has some reflective stickers on it.


You'll also want to consider the width of the part of the truck bed extender that sits parallel to the tailgate of your pickup truck. This part can vary in width from model to model, and it's generally better to choose something that has a wide design. This is especially true if you expect to carry a large range of wide objects. For example, while a narrow design will allow you to carry a few pieces of lumber, a wider design will significantly increase the volume of lumber you're able to safely carry. Shop for a truck bed extender at a truck accessories store.

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Exploring Brake System Components and Accessories

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