Exploring Brake System Components and Accessories

Exploring Brake System Components and Accessories

Lights, Labeling, And Speakers: 3 Items Every Security Vehicle Must Have

by Harold Gilbert

If you run a security company and you want the vehicles that your staff drive to be easily recognizable and get noticed when needed, there are some things that you can add to the vehicles. You want someone to be able to find the vehicle if they are in trouble or when there is a security breach on the property.

As a security professional you don't want people to confuse you with other vehicles; you also want people to stop if you need them to. Do the following to your security vehicles to get the attention that being a security officer needs.

Police Lights  

When a situation arises and a security guard needs to stop a vehicle or a person in the parking lot or around the property, using police lights on the top of the car is an easy way to do this. You can get police lights for the top of the vehicles or even just do a single light for the dash. These lights will be easily recognizable by people on the property and can be used to get people to stop or pull over. You can pick the colors for the lights if you don't want traditional police lights.

Car Wraps

Detailed wraps that go around the cars will indicate that the vehicle is used by the security professionals on the premises. The wraps are great because they:

  • Don't damage the vehicle
  • Can be removed and the vehicle paint won't be altered or changed
  • Are easy to design and order
  • Can be changed over time

Anything can go on the wrap from the word "Security" to a phone number for people to call when they want to contact security or just an advertisement for the company's services.

Sirens or Speaker System

If you want to be able to communicate to people outside of the vehicle by using some type of speaker system, one can be installed. The vehicle can also have a system that sounds a siren or alarm as well, allowing you to signal a warning siren and then talk through the intercom or speaker system.

Handling security for businesses and other properties is a lot of responsibility, and you want to make sure that you have the vehicles prepared to make the job easier. Get these three different accessories or features added to the security vehicles that you have for your business so your staff are properly equipped and ready to patrol.


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Exploring Brake System Components and Accessories

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