Exploring Brake System Components and Accessories

Exploring Brake System Components and Accessories

3 Steps To Prepare For Turning A Van Into A Camper

by Harold Gilbert

You might have always loved the idea of having a camper to either live in full-time or travel in, but you might have never had the extra money to buy one. Even if you can actually fit a camper into your budget, you might still be interested in doing things a different way. By turning a van into a camper, you can create a custom camper that is just right for you and your needs, and you may find that it's a lot cheaper than purchasing a camper that is already finished out, too.

1. Find the Right Van

Before you can get started, you will obviously need a van. Take your time when looking for a van; after all, you'll want to find a van that is mechanically sound -- or that can be gotten up and running for a minimal cost -- and that isn't rusty. You'll probably want to look for a full-size van so that you will have as much living space as possible in your camper van.

2. Draw Up Your Floor Plan

Next, you should draw up your floor plan. You will need to know which van you are going to be using so that you can take its measurements into account. You can look at camper van floor plans online to gain a little bit of inspiration. Think about how you will be using the camper van so that you can come up with a floor plan that makes sense for your comfort and needs. You may even want to work with a company that specializes in van floor plans, like Flarespace

3. Start Looking for Materials

Once you have your van and once your floor plan is completed, it's time to start looking for materials. You might find that this is the fun part! You don't have to buy everything brand new; in fact, you will probably spend a lot more on your project if you do. Instead, try looking for more affordable used materials, or look for items that you can repurpose for use in your camper van. For example, if you have an old loveseat, you may be able to reupholster it and use it as a sofa in your camper van. If you can find used dorm room items that college students have for sale after the school year, you may find that they're perfectly sized for your camper van. With a little patience and creativity, you should be able to come up with all of the items that you need to turn your camper van dream into a reality.


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Exploring Brake System Components and Accessories

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