Exploring Brake System Components and Accessories

Exploring Brake System Components and Accessories

Express Yourself Through Car Magnets

by Harold Gilbert

As bumper stickers fade both literally and figuratively into the past, the car magnet has become the new forum for self expression for your vehicle. Those wishing to espouse their views on both popular and unpopular subjects can find car magnets that clearly define their viewpoint. Custom car magnets are also available to those who wish to personalize their statement.

Why are car magnets better than bumper stickers?

Unlike bumper stickers, car magnets can be easily removed or repositioned, as topical subjects become irrelevant or viewpoints change. Car magnets are also not limited to cars, but can be placed on any metal surface without defacing it with adhesive residue or scratch marks when it is removed. Of course, this leaves magnets more vulnerable to thievery, but they are inexpensive to replace and can be bought in bulk for reduced prices.

Car magnets are also superior to bumper stickers because they don't fade and crack from exposure to sunlight and weather conditions.

What are some popular genres of car magnets?

Personal statements through car magnets, mirror that of social media and other outlets for personal expression. The most popular topics tend to include:

  • Politics- You can find car magnets for (or against) political candidates on the day after they announce their intention to seek political office. In an era of extended political campaigns and candidates that don't make the final cut, political car magnets are easily replaced as political races change. The polarization of political views in the U.S. also provides subject matter for those who wish to clearly define which side of the political divide they support.
  • Religion and social issues- Next to politics, viewpoints on religious and social issues such as abortion and marriage equality are equally polarized and have been popular subject matters for bumper stickers and will eventually command a large portion of the car magnet market.
  • Pets- Americans loves their pets to a point that is bewildering to some other cultures, but you can witness their devotion to specific breeds of pets, especially dogs, in the preponderance of car magnets that profess the owners' love for their pets.

Custom car magnets

If you can't find an available car magnet that clearly expresses your views, or you wish to personalize your message, custom car magnets can be produced in single or bulk quantities at very reasonable prices. You can even choose the size, shape,color and font that you prefer, and have it on your vehicle while the idea is trending, or for a special occasion that you want to share with the world. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


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Exploring Brake System Components and Accessories

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