Exploring Brake System Components and Accessories

Exploring Brake System Components and Accessories

Cut Your Lawn Better With These 3 Tips

by Harold Gilbert

Do you ever wonder why some lawns seem to be better cut than yours, even though you cut your lawn regularly? Luckily, there are a number of easy things you can do to get a better cut. Use the following tips to make changes that will result in a sharper, cleaner cut:

Keep Mower Blades Sharp

If you're like many home owners, you may use your mower over and over without thinking of having your blades sharpened. However, dull blades cause a bad cut, because they rip the grass blades instead of cleanly slicing them. One sign that your blades need to be sharpened is that you see what looks like white streaks in your lawn when you've finished mowing. Dull blades also create weaker grass, which can lead to fungus and other negative consequences.

To sharpen your lawn mower blades, unscrew them from the mower, and locking each blade into a vise, file each blade on the cutting edge. If the blades are very dull, you can take them to a professional repair shop. There, they will likely use a bench grinder to sharpen each blade.

Clear the Underside of the Deck

When you mow your lawn, you may not want to take time to stop. However, taking time to stop every so often will allow you to clear out the grass that builds up as you mow. If you avoid clearing out the deck, the buildup will interfere with the ability of the mower to pull up grass so it can be cut properly by the mower blades. Therefore, you'll get a cut that is not as good as it could be. Make sure you clean out grass buildup so that the mower can more adequately do its job.

Another reason to clear the underside of the deck is that moisture in grass buildup can lead to rust in the deck and rust on the motor blades. Cleaning regularly will extend the life of the blades and the entire mower.

Examine Blade Lift Wings

One more thing to do to make sure you get a sharp lawn cut is to check out the lift wings on the end of each blade. Lift wings are located at the end of the blades, and should be in a bent position. If they are cracked, they can cause a problem, both for the quality of your lawn cut and your own safety. These wings push grass in a direction that makes it easier to cut, so having intact ones are important if you want a good cut. Not only that, but cracked lift wings can fly off as you're mowing and cause injury.

When you use the advice in this article, you will be sure to get a better cut on your lawn and keep your lawn mower in good condition. Every so often, have your mower looked at by a repair shop just to make sure there are no problems, so you can continue to use your mower to care for your lawn.  


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